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Accurate and robust assessment is crucial to support learning.

Assessment information provides Rebbes, teachers, pupils and parents with a summary of the knowledge, understanding and skills a pupil has as well as an indication of how to develop these to improve further (formative assessment).  It allows all parties to check that appropriate progress is being made, that pupils are working in line with expectations and to highlight the need for intervention and additional support if this is not the case.  At MGS, assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning.  Our aim is for pupils to know precisely how well they are doing and what the next steps for improvement are.  Regular teacher assessment and testing at our four assessment points through the year support this process.


In addition to subject criteria, each subject has also developed criteria for literacy. Literacy refers to everyday communication including grammar, spelling and the spoken word. Competence and confidence in literacy is fundamental to all areas of learning; it increases opportunities in all aspects of life and lays the foundations for lifelong learning and work. As well as monitoring subject progress, literacy will be monitored across the curriculum.

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