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At Menorah Grammar School,  GCSEs  are taken in Year 10 and AS & A Levels in Years 11 and 12. Great care is taken from the moment they enter the school in Year 7, to focus on the skills and knowledge they will need in order to perform well in their examinations. The lower school is key in providing a strong foundation to enable our pupils to meet the demands and challenges they will face as they progress through the school.


All boys do the core GCSEs (Mathematics, English Language and Literature, Combined Science and Modern Hebrew) and choose up to four more from a variety of other subjects.


The Sixth Form at MGS is an exciting and fulfilling time, academically, pastorally and socially.  Our Sixth Formers are a cohesive group, with an astonishing range of interests and ambitions. There is a strong sense of community and mutual respect amongst our students, and they are outstanding role models for younger pupils. In this way, we believe that a Menorah Grammar School education is about more than a set of exam results. It is a preparation for life after school.

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