MGS is a Torah environment and Kodesh remains at the heart of everything we are and do, imbuing our children with ,אהבת תורה יראת שמים and good מדות . The highlight of our week is when the older boys learn with the younger boys בחברותא to share their knowledge and pass on their love of learning to the next generation. Guest Rabbonim of international renown are brought in regularly to address specific issues and to widen the horizons of us all.

Our own Rebbes, highly respected in the community and graduates of the great yeshivas, spend one seder a day learning in kollel in our Beis Hamidrash, so that learning at Menorah remains a living, active, never-ending affair.


All the boys at Menorah move on to Yeshivah after Sixth Form, and not a year goes by when we don’t receive messages of high praise and appreciation from the yeshivas for the high quality of Jewish learning and the moral fibre of the Talmidim we’ve handed on to them.

Rabbi Sulzbacher שליט"א - Menahel

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