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At Menorah Grammar School, excellence is our standard. Incredible pupil motivation, small class sizes and a warm, friendly and caring staff combine together to make MGS an incredible place to work.

A community school with a supportive parent body means that staff can enjoy what they really are there to do: improve the lives of the students. 

"I was fortunate enough to chance upon Menorah Grammar School to further my English teaching career. The stars of the school are the students who are inquisitive, warm and ambitious. I have been very well supported by the senior leadership team and the Head of English. Class sizes no more than 20 allow me to give individual students greater time and attention than may otherwise be possible at a larger school and enables me to plan for more personalised learning. After each lesson, the sonorous cries of “thanks for the lesson, sir” as students leave the classroom makes my job here at MGS feel very worthwhile."


Mr D. Katz

English Teacher

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